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Q) How much does it cost to book through Compare Man with Van?

A) Absolutely Nothing.

Q) When does charges start and end?

A) The charges start when the driver arrives and makes contact with you and it stops when the last of your items are brought into the destination booked.

Q) Is it definitely safe and secure to make payment online?

A) Without a doubt, the service we use is PayPal a company respected throughout the world.

Q) Are drivers covered with the essential insurance?

A) Absolutely, all drivers are covered with insurance and the coverage includes Goods in Transit and Liability Insurance.

Q) Precisely what happens if my belongings are broken?

A) In the situation that any items of yours are damaged, the driver will make the necessary arrangements to pay for the damage at the location if possible or to allow his insurance to make the payment to you, we also advise that you contact us so that we can support you through the process contactus@comparemanwithvan.co.uk

Q) Does my quotes include things like congestion charge and road toll charges?

A) Basically no, the fact is that there's no way to determine whether or not you'll be going through the zone or a toll, we do advise our drivers to avoid any extra cost where and when possible. There are no congestion charges on weekends and bank holidays so maybe choosing those days might be a better option.

Q) Is it possible to reserve a Man with Van for less than two hours?

A) No, the minimum charge by the industry for all online Quotes is two hours.

Q) Do I pay for park and display machine charges?

A) Indeed, If the vehicle has to pay to park then the customer picks up the cost.

Q) Do I receive confirmation once the booking is done?

A) Absolutely, we will send you an email confirmation immediately with information relating to your move.

Q) Can I make stops in-between the pickup and destination Address?

A) Absolutely, however there is a charge for every additional stop but no limit to the number of stops you can make during your move.

Q) Can we travel with the driver?

A) Absolutely, You can travel in the van with the driver, but be aware that if you booked an additional helper then only one other person can travel.

Q) Can I incur extra charges when I move?

A) Certainly and some of those charges include, overtime, congestion charge, toll road charges, ferry crossing, additional stops, pay for parking, stairs, some drivers also offer a mantle and dismantle service which you can discuss with the driver.

Q) Will I need to be present on the day?

A) Absolutely not, for a smooth pickup and delivery there should be some form of contact at both ends should there be any questions or concerns, also necessary arrangements should be made if any additional cost is incured.

Q) Can changes be made prior to my moving day?

A) Absolutely, we recommend you do for a smooth move, in many cases you can also discuss any changes with your driver and if he is able to, he will accommodate.

Q) Is there a charge for cancellations?

A) Absolutely, you can cancel any time and if you cancel 7 or more working days before your bookings due date, we will refund in full. However, if you cancel up to 6 days or less you will incur a 30% cancellation fee.

Q) Does my quotes include VAT?

A) Yes VAT charges are added to your initial deposit, but there is no vat on the cash provided to your driver after the job is complete, all service providers are self-employed and include their overheads straight into their pricing.

We here at Compare Man with Van recognize the fact that plans generally change whenever you're relocating or simply moving items around and with this in mind, we have made adjustments to accommodate each and every customer.

We also understand the need to protect our drivers by allowing them to plan their work week based on the bookings or reservations made the week or weeks prior to their working week.

So If you cancel your reservation with more than (7) working days out we will not charge you for that cancellation and any payment made will be refunded to any or all card payments made.

But, If you cancel your reservation within (6) working days or less before the booking due date, we will apply a 30% cancellation fee. In the event a credit or debit card was used to secure the booking, 70% will be refunded to that account.

If you wish to change your booking for a future date, we will hold the payment made except in cases where you cancel at which point the cancellation policy previously mentioned will be enforced certainly.

Weekends and bank holidays are not considered working days.

The best way towards getting a refund would be to contact us.

1) Contact us on +44-796417103 or.

2) Contact us via email on contactus@comparemanwithvan.co.uk.

Yes here at Compare Man with Van we do refund cancellations made 7 days before the booking due date

If your cancellation is made (7) working days prior to the booking due date, we will refund your payment in full. The full refund includes any card payments you have made to secure your reservation.

1) Contact us on +44-796417103; or

2) Contact us via email on contactus@comparemanwithvan.co.uk

Please note that Weekends and Bank Holidays are not considered working days.

Inaccurate details supplied throughout the booking procedure:

Compare Man with Van demand that all the information requested during the booking process be accurate. The inability to supply genuine and highly accurate details will result in the booking not being serviced as needed.

Weather Conditions:

Rain, Snow, Wind, Fog and Ice including other natural weather conditions can have an effect on the completion of your move, we advise that customers make every effort to allow for all adverse weather conditions.

Traffic Delays:

Interruptions, holdups, hindrances, impediments, rush hour including School Runs can all have an effect on your move including things like road works, accidents, strikes, check points, sports events just to name a few can also have an effect on your move so we recommend that you also plan for these situations.

Young children and Domestic pets:

Preparing ahead can save you time and keeping your children and pets safe is also an area of concern, we recommend that you designate a senior member of the family to become solely responsible for this area, moving can be a stressful event which is why we strongly recommend a you assign this area to them.

Dismantling and Assembly:

This area of your move is intentionally left between you and your driver, some drivers are very handy and are able to perform various task at ease while others struggle to cope with such request. Also note that in cases where a driver is able to help he may charge for his services, it's not free but can be negotiated between you and your driver.

Packing and Handling:

This area of any move should be considered, moving large furniture from one area to another may not always be as straight forward as one might expect, so making sure that your furniture can go through the doors at the destination before hand is very important. Heavy items is also an area to pay attention too, while the driver is being paid depending on the package booked to help, please consider that he is not superman and items should packed within reason.

Thank you for your business and we wish you the very best with your move.