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Compare Man with Van is not affiliated or associated with Compare The Man And Van Company we are two separate companies providing the same service to all our customers.

Terms & Conditions

Compare Man With Van supplies customers with a free quotation to compare a man with a van removal service suppliers throughout the United Kingdom.

Potential customers needing to use Compare Man With Van services accept having read and agreed to the subsequent terms and conditions:

Absolutely nothing in these terms and conditions should certainly reduce or exclude our legal responsibility to you for death or personal injury brought about by our neglectfulness or deceptive misrepresentation or any other liability that may not, under English law, be limited or omitted. subject to this, in no circumstance would we be liable to you for any business losses, damages or injury's endured in the course of any removal associated job, any specific liability we have for losses you experience is stringently limited to losses that were realistically foreseeable.

1) As a result of submitting numerous fictitious contact or job booking details will result in no online quotes being obtained through compare man with van / removal service suppliers in your location.

2) Potential customers needs to be at least 18 years of age to make use of Compare Man With Van.

3) A person's personal privacy is very important to us and we will never give out your personal details to any third party. Any kind of information we store are on an encrypted server and will be erased after 12 months.

4) Any kind of conflicts with relating to any Man with Van Removal jobs, ought to be brought up with Compare Man With Van so that we can investigate thoroughly. You concur that when utilizing our website and reservation system that by doing so you consent to release Compare Man With Van from all claims of any nature, Known or Unknown, and we will not be linked in in any manner with such claim.

5) In the event you cancel your reservation well over 5 working days prior to your reserved time then we will reimburse any card transaction in full. Cancellations made less than 5 working days before the scheduled pick up time will be charged a 30% cancellation fee.

6) Confirmed reservations from Compare Man With Van are exclusive of VAT

7) We reserve the right upon non-payment to a service supplier to register your information with a variety of blacklists and credit reference agencies.

8) If you the user select a Self-loading service then you are completely responsible for any damage to your goods. The Man with Van Removal service isn't going to have any input in the loading and unloading of goods and any Insurance policy claim will only cover your items in the occurrence of a road traffic vehicle accident.

9) {Virtually all Man with Van drivers and removal suppliers we recommend carry trolleys, straps and blankets however, you can in addition request any supplemental requirements in the brief explanation box.

10) There is always a 2 hour minimum charge on all reservations and after the initial 2 hours, our service suppliers charge each and every half hour thereafter. (half hourly charges are shown with all quotes.

11) Congestion charge zone - If you happen to be traveling inside of the congestion charge zone on a weekday between 07.00AM and 18.00PM this will add £11.50 to the total of your move which must be paid to the driver in full or arrangements can be made to pay the charge in order to keep the receipt with the driver verifying that payment has been made before leaving.

12) All of our removal companies do their absolute best to be punctual, and yet there could very well be delays brought on by conditions out of their control. (E.g. weather, traffic...) We accept no responsibility for any kind of customer loses due to out of our control pick-up/delivery delays. We will certainly not offer you any refunds for lateness. In the event of any delay you will be contacted prior to your pick up time by the Man with Van driver or removal service and kept informed with estimated time of arrival.

13) In the unlikely circumstance that the man with van driver does not arrive at your pick up address within the first half hour as arranged you can contact the driver directly or our customer support team immediately.

14) All payments made to man with van drivers must be made in cash or by pre-arranged credit or debit card. Any other sort of payment need to be agreed upon with Compare Man With Van and made no less than 5 days prior to moving day.

15) We also do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost property the moment the job is accomplish and additionally payment is made.

16) It is actually the customer's duty to decide upon the correct size vehicle, our guide can help you with the relevant measurements to help you make the right choice Size Guide.

17) Publicize discounts - please be aware that not all service suppliers opt into supplying customers the promotional discount on the website, a few service suppliers opt out of providing the promotional discount because their particular prices are actually discounted given that the service provider doesn't necessarily have any advertising or re-marketing costs for the confirmed reservations they acquire via the Compare Man With Van booking platform.

18) Regarding international moves all payment is required to be made in advance of the Van being unloaded at the desired destination there are actually no exemptions from this procedure. We reserve the right to garnish any extra fees or withhold delivery of items until full payment plus any extra costs are settled in full.

19) Service providers goods in transit insurances are insured up to a minimum of £10.000

20) It is the customers duty to reserve parking. If there is no pre-arranged parking and the service provider receives a ticket it will be the customers responsibility to pay the penalty amount at the end of job.

21) If a reservation is made with no driver help requested, It's the customer's responsibility to pack everything properly (unless packing services are requested) We do not accept responsibility for damage or breakage caused by poor packing.

22) The customer is responsible to dismantle items before pick up including any unit, system, furniture or beds. Except in cases where this service has been requested in the brief description box and the driver is able to provide the service at a cost determined between driver and customer.

23) It's the customer's obligation to make certain that all objects will fit in the new property or home. (E.g. wardrobe, bed, sofa etc.) We're not covered by insurance to remove any windows or doors at the new home or property.

24) In the event that any sort of delays are caused by the customer (e.g. everything is not packed, waiting for keys, incorrect address, etc.) Our service providers reserve the right to add an extra cost to the final bill.

25) In cases where the customer wishes to modify the pick-up time to a confirmed booking we are unable to guarantee availability so please get in touch with the service provider directly.

26) No staff abuse will be tolerated. If the driver is compelled to terminate a job simply because of physical or mental abuse from a customer, the customer will still be charged in full.

27) Virtually all service providers decide upon their own logo when signing up. Compare Man With Van accept no legal responsibility for losses experienced due to service providers exhibiting a logo which is not unique to them. Please contact us at Compare Man With Van and we will get rid of that specific logo.

Compare Man With Van is the trading name of Compare Man with Van based in the city of London, UK.